Sunday, December 15, 2013

Port Forwarding (ASUS N56U)

Similar stuff for N15 , N66U series. FOR STATIC IP BASED ONLY or if you are DDYNS. Not available for use if you are on dynamic on MyRepublic. Please get the mac address of your router and email to CSO for your static IP. A OneTimeCharge of $50 applies ya.

Have not tried AC66 or AC68U yet but here is how it goes.
All these are based on router at (DEFAULT), some are or Cannot use as MR uses it as NAT.

You first find your IP Address.Mapping

Drop down the MAC Address List.
Manual Assignment is on.

Go to Port Forwarding Tab

if you use different mapping, say port 80 incoming but at your internal is port 90 then, the local mapping is needed. usually not needed.

Other than that..
I have my webhost on here.
Try it!

For rest of ISP.. you need to do some Dynamic IP arrangement/CNAME mapping.