Friday, April 10, 2015

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Monday, April 6, 2015

MyRepublic to launch mobile phone services

It is said to be that MyRepublic will be launching their 4G+ service here in Singapore with network trial testing still being done in Jurong and Tuas areas in a short spectrum of space.

Expression of interests can be placed with the company directly but word is that existing customers and partners will have a go at things to test out and sort the teething kinks such as Mobile Number Portability and Roaming where our Malaysian friends signals are stronger than ours.

However, speeds are said to be in EXCESS of 300Mbps and some research shows that Apple iPhone 6  and 6 Plus are unable to support these speeds due to different chipsets in use as they were meant for the US Market riding over the old Analog TV bands. We have yet to switch off our TV Signals yet so its the old PCN GSM1800 mhz frequency plus 2600Mhz and a mix of 802.11AC wifi signals giving you that extra umph for your device.

Price wise? I dare not comment but it's said to be UNLIMITED and the low band package of 20Gb for the low user like me.

What I think.... Kiss my phone goodbye traffic lights!