At times..there are always promotions for customers of Azrin.Info and well, we do have and where we like to give it out.

All pricing are subjected to change and the pricing on is final.

However, addon for SME are as follows

$100 Monthly charge for every block of 8 IP addresses up to 32 IP ( 4 x 8 IP)
Rationale: Per IP uses 5-20MBps so 32 IP uses up to 160Mbps which is 1000mbps.
As such, we recommend 1Gbps link per block of 32 IP.

AS Numbering, IP Blocks etc can be arranged at cost.

SME Voice is available for $50 Setup fee + $10 mthly.
SIP Trunks are also available.
$50 fee for each number ported.

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