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This knowledgebase / Website ( mpp.sg) is operated by Dr Rapheal Azrin ( Azrin.Info) on behalf of Zyraz Technology Group Singapore, licensed by MyRepublic as a Channel Partner (Registration No D1000150). Zyraz Technology SG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zyraz Technology Berhad,incorporated in Malaysia with offices in UK and US. We are basically a frontier technology company. We like to try many things out.

Whilst this is NOT a representative of the stand of MyRepublic, it's employees or Management, we are also consumers of the company and merely sharing the technical knowledge to the public to best effort and best knowledge, without any prejudice or whatsoever. We disclaim any liabilities for any loss or damage should you heed our advise.

Should you need more information, please contact the operator at +6581196830 or +60174648814 for third party independent advise. We are licensed to provide 3rd party solutions within our scope of business which do not conflict with MyRepublic as a Fiber Internet Service Provider, which includes Hosting, Cloud Solutions, Voice IP-IPX (3CX only) and related to the system, to both the consumer and corporate accounts.

We do get paid a commission for every sale we make and under the law, we have to tell you that. However, it is more about friendly relationships and business alliances and as such, we do offer some sort of freebies, giveaways to the customers to make them happy. This is but merely returning you a fair bargain from our cut on the deal just like you meeting your insurance agent for the sales pitch and he pays for your drink.

Any other questions, please email us at the address stated on the WHOIS.

Thank you

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