Becoming a partner

What does it takes to be a partner?
YOURSELF actually. A partnership is just like you working with us, but you get paid the remuneration directly. At iExploreAsia-Zyraz Technology, we are there to support your path to financial independence.

How can I progress?
Right now you sign up as a consultant and we urge you to commit some time to sell to your friends, neighbours etc at least ONCE a month. We have over 310 consultants within our team doing do, and some are quite successful.

How much can I earn?
Technically, you could earn as much as 3 times the monthly service. But that is not where it ends. At MyRepublic, if you already hit your personal sales of 20 customers (or more)... that is where it gets interesting. Just as how the insurance industry works, many earn nice 4 figures a month by training other consultants under their wing.

Why with MPP.SG?
MPP.SG is the trade name for Zyraz Technology (D1000150) and we are the only other TECHNICAL PARTNER licensed and certified by MDA within the MyRepublic Core Networks. Plainly speaking, we have the Telco Expertise and Network Security background with CAT 1A Clearance by Mindef and MHA. We are exclusively for MyRepublic despite being licensed to work on competitors networks... so we are flexible as our solutions are non-partisan or neutral party.

Interested? Click on MyRepublic JOIN US with ZYRAZ-150 as referring (or MPP.SG) or for further information, please email azrin at or call us at the number shown.
If it's not within coverage due to poor signal in Sengkang/Punggol/North Sembawang/Woodlands where we are doing roadshows, do call our office number at 3161 3999.


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