Monday, May 29, 2017

New Legal Terms

OK, MyRepublic Legal has clamped down on some of us.. so we have to make it darn clear. Here are our newly changes to the Disclosures. We need to be a little bit clear or blurr which every you feel like it.

We, Zyraz Technology Berhad, Singapore Network Operations are responsible for MPP.SG and are AUTHORISED PARTNERS for MyRepublic , thus why we say MPP.SG (MyRepublic Partner Program) and under the ICANN , IANA, TMCH definitive, short terms such as MPP are generic and cannot be classed as a patent or trademark, only Logos and such terms can be (IPTO Office SG).

We use the term MPP.SG as a SELF HELP  PORTAL for partners and customers alike and not to be affiliated to MyRepublic Support Services. We are just Customers and Partners alike who just love to share the help we can.

While Promoting MyRepublic services, we are licensed by MyRepublic under MPP ID, D1000150.
We are authorised to sell Residential and Business Services but not limited to SIP Trunk, L2VPN , L3VPN, Site-to-Site Data Network (MyRepublic SDN), MPLS VPN and Data Services.

We offer Third Party Solutions, using Google Cloud Compute Platform and 3CX for SIP Trunk Services where we can opt to use MyRepublic as a main trunk provider. We also provide IP Allocation Services where we Opt to use MyRepublic to broadcast the IP Address and BGP AS Routers for an additional fee. This may be used in conjunction with Commercial Services such as GPON,L2VPN,L3VPN etc.

We get a fee for for offering MyRepublic Services and other providers we may choose. We do not have to disclose to you what we get but we may offset this for your bundle of services taken with us, via subsidies or cashback or otherwise.Our redundancy Operators may be from other networks or mediums.

We charge you a separate fee for Consultation and Out Of Scope or On-Call / On-Site Services. Charges will be advised before we raise the support ticket but typical charges are SGD400-Per-Standard-Manhour subject to a 4 hour minimum, defined as normal working hours of
Mon-Fri 0900-1800,

1.5x surge pricing for
Mon-Fri 1801-0000hrs & 0600-0900hrs
Saturday 0900-1800hrs

2.0x surge pricing for
Mon-Fri 0001-0600hrs
Saturday 1801-2359hrs

3.0x surge pricing for
Saturday 0000-0600hrs
Sunday 0600-1800hrs

4.0x surge pricing for
Sunday 0000-0600;1800-2359

Prepayment for Call Outs are required.
 Additional Demand Charge Multiplier may be added for extra distances or High Demand such as major outages, immediate disaster recovery and business continuity.
Don't blame us.. Blame Uber for Demand Charge.

We will bill you for such services as ZYRAZ TECHNOLOGY BERHAD, 809970H, Malaysia GST Registered , Singapore Registered UEN 53231076D and we accept Paypal, (All Credit Cards + 5%)  ETH and Bitcoin (PREFERRED). Late settlement fees are charged at 5% per month in blocks of $100. Local currency mentioned here will be in Singapore Dollars, BTC or ETH. SGD Checks are payable to AZRIN.

Enforced 1st June 2017

MyRepublic to Launch Mobile Services (Pt 2)

Despite TPG getting the 4th MNO 4G license, MyRepublic is holding back for another surprise.
Yes.. they are still launching their Mobile Plans but with a little twist.....
We know what is going on.. so we need to hush up.