Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gigabit Connections.....

Now that MyRepublic has placed the other ISP on the chopping board, what can you do to get GIGABIT CONNECTION????

For many home users, the number up to 1000mbps is super great. But in actual fact, majority can't touch that wonderful speed due to equipment specifications.

Even at Gigabit port to your router, can that router that the load?? Or can your LAN Port get to that speed? How about the cables??

Here is something you SHOULD have to get to that speed

Gigabit to 10GBE LAN port ( only avail to commercial servers )
Cisco commercial router or Watchguard or so...
CAT 6 shielded
Separate AP or router for the WiFi... ASUS AC66 could do it....

but eventually, you be happy to smack over 500mbps
otherwise, for home users, be happy to touch even half that speed as your hard disk can't even take 300mbps just FYI unless you are on NAND DRIVE.

I tested that specs using a dedicated server, so it does work.....and almost blew my hard drives.

have fun

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