Friday, February 8, 2013

What NOT to decorate your house with.

Those trendy Flush in TV Cabinets are a real nice thing to do... but do avoid this... It is actually in fact, a Building Code violation and a Fire Safety Hazard as wood can burn if something shorts up.

If you don't see it well, the FTP or Fiber Terminal Point is actually concealed into the cabinet panel and it's a real bugger that the carpenter told the owner that you can ask the installer to access it from there.

How on earth can one access it when you can't even get your whole hand into it.

Do you see the cables etc dangling back of the panel?

If you wish to do so.. please make a door or flap so that direct access to the equipment is made simple.

In any retro spec, please consult a CERTIFIED ENGINEER before you do your wiring and renovations as I have slapped the owner of the premise a Notice of Safety Violation and any issues with network or system deterioration will be borne fully by them and that the violation voids all Home Insurance and Fire Insurance Coverage on the premises.

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