Thursday, February 28, 2013

One House... 2 Lines

Technically it is POSSIBLE as there has been cases where the home has been sub-let to other tenants and the customer don't want to share the lines for whatever reason.

Based on experience, the Fiber Termination Point can work with 2 fiber points and though it is NOT RECOMMENDED, there are cases where MIOTV (SingTEL) is on 2nd Port and the 1st port is used by M1 or MyRepublic or Starhub (since all uses Nucleus Connect HuaWei ONT device)

That is technically possible and you can even do load balancing to get the best of all worlds.

Cost wise: Probably that Singtel pays for the activation of the 2nd TP Point.....but hey..they already charged the customer $100 for the install fee anyway!

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